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Benefits of Membership

  • Opportunities for professional leadership.

  • Access to professional development funds: learn more.

  • Professional development opportunities (webinars, publications, etc.).

  • Networking and collaboration with colleagues.

  • Sharing of professional resources.

  • Updates on organizational activities.

  • KAAN committee involvement: learn about our committees.

The Kansas Academic Advising Network is a nonprofit association open to all persons interested in issues related to academic advising at post-secondary institutions in the state of Kansas.

The KAAN membership year is from September 1 to August 31.

Who Can Join?

KAAN welcomes academic advisors, counselors, faculty members, administrators and others whose interests are in or are related to the area of academic advising. An eligible individual shall become a regular member in good standing upon payment of the annual conference registration or KAAN individual membership dues. All regular members in good standing shall be eligible to attend meetings, vote and utilize all the services and benefits provided by KAAN.

You may join KAAN with an individual, one-year membership for $30 which does not include admission to the annual conference held each September. But if you do register for our annual conference, you also receive a one-year membership automatically at no additional cost, so please consider registering for the KAAN annual conference!


Register for our annual conference, with one-year membership included!

Questions about KAAN membership? Please reach out to us at

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