Best of KAAN Presentations

Xie, Ve, and It: Finding the Language to Advise Trans* Students
Nick Marshall, Washburn University
You might know the faces and stories of well-known trans* individuals like Caitlyn Jenner, Jazz Jennings, Chaz Bono, and Laverne Cox. But do you know the faces and stories of trans* students on your campus? During this session we will look at the status of trans* people in both American society and in higher education, and then, through group activities and open discussion, we will dig deeper into the language higher education professionals use when talking to (and talking about) trans* students.

Overhauling Academic Probation: A Guide back to Good Standing
Kaydee Emperly & Elaine Lewis, Washburn University
As an open access institution, many of our students face the challenge of academic probation early in their college career. In 2011, our institution began to think more diligently about how to support students on academic probation to guide them back to good standing. Armed with best practices research and better data about our students, we created the STAR (Students Taking Academic Responsibility) program for students on probation. Each semester STAR continues to evolve and improve; with the most recent iteration focused on an academic coaching utilizing both appreciative and intrusive advising methods. This session will discuss the evolution of our program, best practices, lessons learned, and allow for presentation participant discussion of their institutional programs.

PASS: The Class
Janelle Darr & Bob Rozzelle, Wichita State University
Personal & Academic Success Seminar required of Freshman Student Athletes. This course helps students make connections with academic programs, faculty, staff and other students; develop required academic and career competencies, and make sense of higher education. We use the habits and attitudes paradigm which is designed to help students navigate life and make successful transitions by using pictures, questions and experiences. Students relate to these approaches. The presenters will share our syllabus, highlights, video links & involve participants in a mini-session on navigating transitions for leadership & character development. We expect you will leave with a real sense of the possibilities when using these methods.

iAdvise: Strategies for Implementing a Paperless Workflow
Rebecca Rawls, Academic Advisor, Wichita State University-LAS Advising Center
Nancy Krehbiel, Academic Advisor, Wichita State University-LAS Advising Center

This session will discuss methods of implementing a paperless work flow and how digital advising methods can be used to promote stronger student involvement in and ownership of his/her education.  Talking points will include an overview of existent technologies, strategies for creating an action plan, and suggestions for establishing similar work flows at audience members’ home institutions.

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