KAAN Conference 2018: Breakout Session II

11:00 -11:50 a.m.

Connecting Undecided/Exploratory Students to Majors & Careers

Kaytie Brozek & Angela Scott
Wichita State University

Strategic enrollment goals seem to be driving many of the efforts to engage undecided/exploratory students. Advising professionals play a pivotal role in the persistence of these students by helping them con- nect to a major or career field. This session will explore results of a 2 -day, 1 credit hour workshop course designed by academic advisors in collaboration with career development professionals. Attendees will learn about the two-day workshop; its design and content and explore the implications of survey results for the advising profession.

Connecting with Military Affiliated Students: Part, Pre- sent, and Future

Dominic Barnes & Fatima Jaghoori
Kansas State University

A brief historical review of K-State classes offered on Fort Riley including research methods, program development patterns, other schools on post, and the way ahead. From history on post we move to the current population on campus and online with a review of military affiliated students across campus and within colleges including our research methods and challenges. We will investigate different types of students within the military affiliated group, looking at cultural dynamics, education resources, military institutional structures and terminology, and transition. The session will close with discussions on any presented materials and the experiences of veteran student at K- State. 

Bridging Students’ Transitions between Institutions – Jump Start Program for Business Transfer Students 
Bente Janda & Miranda Cook
Kansas State University & University of Kansas

With an increased focus on the cost of going to college, student retention, graduation rates and student support, there is a greater need to develop creative programs for student success. In the summer of 2017, the College of Business at K-State implemented a transition program for new transfer students. The Jump Start Program gives students an opportunity to start the business program three weeks prior to the beginning of fall semester. Students participating in the program reported a more positive experience concerning building a community, learning about the business program, campus resources, and strategies that result in academic success.

The Advisee’s Perspective
Jordan Kiehl & Miranda Moore
Kansas State University

Join two undergraduate students that have been working with administration
and advisors for over the past year to improve academic advising
on their campus. Through this session, advisors will explore the
value of student input in decision-making and learn about progress on
initiatives due to student advocacy. The presentation will then ask you
to think about models for including students at your own institutions
and how to identify potential undergraduates to begin these conversations.
Come learn how to turn the tables on advising and begin seeking
advice from undergraduate students on all thing related to advising.

Advising African American and Latinx Community College
Students: Impact on Retention and Persistence 

Shawn Derritt
Kansas City 

Kansas Community College

Results from the 2018 CCSSE national report, titled “The Power of
Advising in Community Colleges”, reported that students who are
advised are more engaged. However, if students are not required to
see an advisor they are missing a powerful opportunity. This session
will present the methods used to create a campus wide mandatory
advising system at a community college along with the result of a
three-year study that examined the impact of mandatory advising on
community college students. In addition, the retention and persistence
rates of African American, Latinx, and male and female participants
will be presented. Photos  |  Slides

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