KAAN Conference 2018: Breakout Session III

2:00-2:50 p.m.

Coming Full Circle: First Generation College Graduates as Academic Advisors
Kathy Lillich
Kansas State University

With a growing number of first-generation college graduates now serving in academia, there are more opportunities for first generation college students (FGCS) to interact with professionals who can serve as mentors and role models for post-graduation success. This session will provide an overview of the common issues faced by FGCS that can negatively impact their academic careers, share some of the ways that various institutions have addressed these challenges, and explore the role that first generation advisors can play in the process. Participants will break into discussion groups that will generate practical proposals for ways that first-gen advisors can increase their visibility on campus, how they can connect with FGCS in meaningful ways, and best practices for advising first-gen students.

Advising for DUMMIES 
Robert Pettay
Kansas State University

Advising for D.U.M.M.I.E.S. will share ideas and thoughts from my own advising experiences and discuss the components of being an advisor. Development, Understanding, Models, Meaning, Inquisitive- ness, Empathy and Self-Regulation will frame the session structure. Thoughts on each of these areas will be shared and participants will reflect on current behaviors and share their own approaches to being an effective advisor.

Better Together! Advising Relationships Between 2-year and 4-year Institutions and their Impact on Student Success
Beth Stuewe & J.D. Koons
Kansas State University & Highland Community College

It is no secret that nearly half of undergraduate students start their journey at a community college. While eighty percent of those students intend to earn a bachelor’s degree, only fourteen percent will graduate within six years of transferring. After having an honest conversation surrounding these statistics, advisors at Highland Community College and Kansas State University concluded something must be done. We will share practical ideas for building relationships and key concepts behind the new DirectLink program at K-State. This unique dual-advising initiative between K-State and the nineteen community colleges in Kansas provides benefits to any student looking to transfer. Photos  |  View the slides

Cultivating New Student Professionals for Next Generation

Jessica Henault
Kansas State University

In order to pursue solutions for pressing concerns society is facing,
advisors have a key role in preparing students to be equipped with
the tools necessary to be actively engaged citizens. The culture of
academe needs to transform and ideas regarding academic professionalism,
engagement, and intergenerational dynamics need to shift to
meet the demands of the twenty-first century. These demands are
creating shifts in how advising appointments are structured and carried
out. There needs to be more focus on implementing better service
learning community engagement opportunities to prepare new
student professionals for next generation engagement.

Jenna Radtke
Fort Hays State University

We keep hearing that higher education needs to prepare for Generation
Z’s arrival, but they are already here. With this new generation
changing the way technology is used, we have found ourselves needing
to adjust our social media use to keep up with the interests of our
advisees. Come hear how we are assessing our social media plan and
making changes to better align with our goals. We will present current
literature that helped us discover best practices for restructuring
our social media plan. Discussion of your office’s social media use and
sharing new perspectives, ideas, and approaches is encouraged. See the session handouts  |  View the slides

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