2021 KAAN Annual Conference

Building Your Own Bridges

July 30, 2021 at Hutchinson Community College

Call for Proposals is open: Click here to submit a proposal

Important dates:

  • February 1: Call for proposals opens.
  • May 14: Call for proposals deadline.
  • May 21: Registration opens!
  • July 23: Registration deadline.
  • July 30: Conference day!

KAAN 2021 Conference Program

BYOB: Building Your Own Bridges

John Donne wrote, “No man is an island.”  The same can, and should, be said about advisors.  No advisor is out there on their own.  Whether at our own institution or when thinking of the advising community at-large, we all are part of the whole.  Yet, there are times when we can feel isolated or separate.  The students we serve may also feel isolated from time to time.  Therefore, we must each become a bridge builder.

Bridges serve as points of connection.  Providing a means to connect one point to another, one person to another person, and one community to another community.  How can you become a bridge builder?

Featured Speaker


Registration & Payments

Each individual attending the conference should complete the online registration. An option is available for submitting payment by credit card or for a business office to pay for registration(s) later.   

If the attendee’s office or department is submitting payment on their behalf, the attendee should provide their email confirmation to their office. Registration is not complete until the attendee receives confirmation that payment has been received. 

Maria Lucas, KAAN Treasurer

Steering Committee Positions

At this year’s annual conference the following positions are up for election:

  • Vice-Chair (3-year commitment)
  • Secretary (2-year commitment)
  • Membership (2-year commitment) 

See: Duties of steering committee positions.

Submit your nomination for the steering committee.

Professional Development

KAAN professional development awards provide current KAAN members the opportunity to seek funding to grow and expand as professionals. Review the guidelines regarding submitting an application for, and receiving, a professional development award.

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